Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bone Garden is now Banned Garden

We work around the corner and have eaten at Bone Garden over a dozen times since it opened. Never again. You've boned me too many times. The food is above average. It can be really good. Too bad I'll never taste it again. I'm fed up with the wait at lunch. We went today for our Friday lunch routine. Tacos were on the mind and there's a lot of choices in the neighborhood (in order: Verde, Nuevo Laredo, La Fonda, Bone Garden Taqueria del Sol, Atlanta Food Truck Park, WIlly's, Chipotle, La Parilla). Look, I know I don't have a lot of reviews, but these knuckleheads earned one. We were quickly seated outside at a round table in the middle of the patio and given our menus. I looked at the specials and decided what I wanted and put my menu down. Less than a minute. We started chatting about the past week, what we were doing this weekend etc. It actually took about five minutes before someone at our table noticed no waitress had spoken with us. The woman who seated us had disappeared. Some more people were seated at tables around us. Then some more. A waitress came out and dropped off some waters to the table next to us. Another waitress came out and checked on her table of people who were eating. The first waitress comes out and brings cheese and salsa to her table. Fifteen minutes had passed. The waitress who seated us came out and took the drink orders from the table behind us who was seated after us. Then the second waitress came out and did the same from another table seated after us. First waitress comes out, looks at our table, looks me in the eye, drops off drinks at the other table and goes inside. No one said a word to us for 27 minutes. NO ONE. No "we'll be right with you" or "has someone been by to help you?" This sort of service has happened a few times. With better food near by, we bailed. We went to Bone Lick Cantina up the hill. We were able to order, eat, and get back to the office in thirty minutes. The salt in the wound is that these tatted up hipsters have this littany of "RULES" on the back of the menu where they feign anger and rigidity about eating there. Things like "No Splitting of Bills" and "No Changing of the Menu Items." Really? Ok. I'm sorry for being a paying customer. Please don't serve me. So they didn't...didn't even speak to the table of 5 of us sitting right in the middle of the patio. You know what Boner Garden? Keep your funny angry menu, your Dia de los Muertos decor, and your shitty service. I'm going to Verde! Bone Garden Cantina on Urbanspoon Bone Garden Cantina on Urbanspoon


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  2. This place truly needs to be boycotted. The audacity that you think you can crap all over your customers, have a horrible customer service and treat people anyway you feel like you want to, and stay in business, is ridiculous.